Resources for exploring Kundalini Yoga:

3HO was started by Yogi Bhajan to enable all who are interested to access the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

A great resource! Offering everything from music to manuals to informative blog posts to global sadhanas.

I love Guru Rattana Kaur! Her website is so informative and there are many sequences and meditations, available on this site, for free. She is also the author of one of my all- time favorite manuals: Transitions to a Heart-Centered World.

Practice with me online at Yoga International. There are many different sequences available with more on the way. With a membership, you have access to 100's of classes with some of the top teachers in the world as well as incredible articles, wisdom, tutorials and more.

The Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation has been on the leading edge of scientific research on the value of meditation for many years. Please visit them and learn first hand what they have learned and been able to demonstrate about the value of meditation in general, and the value of Kirtan Kriya specifically. Donations are always welcome to keep this research going.

Places to Practice:

Asheville Yoga Center, right in downtown Asheville
West Asheville Yoga, in West Asheville
Longtime Sun Yoga & Wellness, located in Fairview, just outside of Asheville

Yet More Love:

I am passionate about bringing the practice to populations that otherwise would not have access to these tools. After teaching to youth at risk and experiencing the transformations possible in this population as well as the incarcerated, I co-founded  Light a Path - a 501c3 founded on the knowledge that connection creates resilience. Please check us out online at and consider getting involved.