awake in the world : stay woke

"To conquer the unknown, you must trust"  ~Yogi Bhajan

From the alchemy of love made visible, the deep exploration of what we have to give, how we can give ~ we move. We move to the understanding that we are in fact awake and the world needs us more than ever before.

How do we stay awake? How do we keep our practice alive, on and off the mat? For our practice is not about time in temples or exotic places, nor is our practice meant to be strictly formal: on mat or cushion only.

Our practice is most alive in the company of others: streets, forests, community meetings, alleys and in action. Our practice is embodied when the nourishment we receive from movement and meditation and self-care becomes the light we shine in the world.

We are living in an incredible time of personal, social, ecological, and economic imbalance. Now is the hard transition, the gaping edge, the time of the rubber meeting the road ~ maybe even the time of do or die.

This flow is about balance in the midst of imbalance, about the essence of yoga: opening the heart ~ our own, and the heart of the world.

This curriculum will nourish, strengthen and restore us, in harmony with the transition of winter to spring. And, every bit as important, this curriculum is about bringing your practice to a deeper level by placing it at the center of your life.

In the same way that all freshwater rivers find the great salty ocean, your yoga longs to be real off the mat, to reach the hearts and souls and minds of the great sea of humanity. Your practice is longing to come alive, to be the gift that it fully is.

Inspired by all the wisdom ways I have been gifted with so far, I invite you to join me. Using the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, the deep knowledge of my maha teacher, Yogi Bhajan, the insight of poets, mystics, teachers and leaders, we will continue the journey of the heart, the way of the true self ~ sharing the fruit of our practice in a world that hungers for love & truth & beauty.

Now is the time. We are the ones. Let’s rise & serve in love.

Offered: Mondays 10:00 am & Thursdays 7:00 pm at Asheville Yoga Center & Fridays 8:45 am at West Asheville Yoga Center.

Week 1: 2/6, 9, 10 Stable & flow ~ the polarities

Week 2: 2/13, 16, 17 Reading the Sky

Week 3: 2/20, 23, 24 Breath & Earth

Week 4: 2/27, 3/2, 3 Anger, not closing our eyes

Week 5: 3/6, 9, 10 This is it

Week 6: 3/13, 16, 17 Quality of Flow

Week 7: 3/20, 23, 24 Realization of Intimacy

Week 8: 3/27, 30, 31 Encouragement

Week 9: 4/3, 6, 7 Turnings of the Mind

Week 10: 4/10, 13, 14 Both feet on the ground

Come or don’t come ~ no need to rsvp ~ there is always room for you, always space held with love. It is an honor & a privilege to share these teachings.

Always with so much love, Sierra