the invitation :

“The life you want waits inside you, the way a flower waits

inside the seed.” ~ Mark Nepo

This is an invitation to join me in practices that will ripen the seed of your being, to support your life flowering in consciousness, intention and love.

Our bodies are our temples. The living, breathing, loving worship of life happens in these temples. These temples of muscle, bone and blood, of pulse, sweat and tears, are where we live. The body is the temple of the soul.

Our bodies hold the record of our greatest hopes and efforts, our dreams and loves and pleasures as well as our pain, our disappointment, our frustrations.

That our bodies are the temples of our souls is at once beautiful and affirming as well as a responsibility. It is our responsibility to take care of this temple, to cleanse, to nourish, to revere and to purify.

Each year, I design a practice for my temple to purify it of the energies of the preceding year. This practice is for both the physical body temple as well as the conscious and subconscious gates to the temple. Body, mind and spirit are purified in this practice. Each year, I also design a practice for myself that will prepare me for the coming year, allow me to vision my coming year and ensure that I have laid down a practice that will enable me to manifest my next level of being in the world.

It has become an annual tradition for me to share my personal practice in 2 workshops. One that closes the year and one that opens the year. These workshops both stand alone in perfect integrity, should you feel called to just one of these aspects but they also work together cohesively to amplify both purification and manifestation.

I would be so very deeply honored to share these practices with you and hope that you will join me.

Purify the Temple will be on Saturday, December 30th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Asheville Yoga Center. This practice will be vigorous but accessible to all levels.

Ring in Love will be on Sunday, December 31st from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Asheville Yoga Center. This workshop is gentle, co-taught with Luna Ray and live music, with a chance to sing your coming year in with love and intention.