I’ve been asking myself how we became the people who let Shell get into the Arctic. How did that happen? How will we ever justify that to future generations? That Shell has made it this far has been keeping me awake at night. And the bitter truth is that I did not do enough on this issue. Not enough letters, not enough phone calls, not enough discussion. Not enough.

But there is good news: we’ve been given a second chance to protect the Arctic. Obama’s green light for Shell will not stand in court- there is a permitting requirement that prohibits drilling operations in the waters off Alaska to be within 15 miles of each other. Shell has plans for 2 wells this summer, about 9 miles apart.

Earthjustice has filed suit on behalf of a broad group of Alaska native organizations and conservation groups challenging the adequacy of the agency’s environmental impact statement. You can learn more about the groups involved in the suit and the suit itself by  checking out this link .
In the meantime, let’s pull out all the stops- let’s do whatever it takes to not sacrifice the Arctic. Not to Shell and not on our watch. Please call President Obama and tell him “SHELL NO, Arctic drilling is too risky to allow. Our job is to protect the only Arctic we have!” Call Obama at 202-456-1111 and tell him to please rescind the approval for Shell to drill in the Arctic.
Please make the call. The White House comment line looks for brief and succinct comments. If you want to get into deeper talking points, consider taking a look here. In addition to calling (time is of the essence), you can sign a petition with Greenpeace here.

Consider sharing this post, encouraging others to make the call- we’re all in this together. The Arctic belongs to all of us and has far more value undrilled than drilled.

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