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Climate Awake! A Yoga-in-Action Challenge

This is my heart and my soul y’all!

I’ve been working on this challenge for the past year - in some ways, even longer. And - it’s finally launching! On Earth Day - April 22nd - the Climate Awake Challenge goes live!

You can check out the trailer about the challenge at

This challenge is designed to facilitate your ability to take action on the most important issue of our times - Climate Change. In spite of widespread agreement that our very future is threatened by Climate Change, many of us feel simply overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and where to even begin. This challenge is here to change that. Participating in the challenge will give you the foundation to create dialogue with others around climate as well as concrete tools and steps for actions. Additionally, you’ll connect to a global community that shares your concerns.

Climate Awake is an all-levels challenge, meant for the entire global yoga community. It is estimated that 2 billion people on the planet practice yoga - imagine the power of 2 billion people focused on reversing Climate Change! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Climate Awake is presented over the course of 5 weeks. Each week has a meaningful conversation around a specific theme, as well as an embodied yoga practice for the theme and meditation. You’ll find additional resources embedded in each week of the challenge, that support you in taking action. Climate Awake has an incredible teaching team - Shiva Rea, Sierra Hollister, Michelle Johnson, Chelsey Korus and Hawah Kasat are all committed to taking you on a journey that will activate and empower you.

Climate Awake has been structured to provide you with:

Vidya: The first week is structured around the theme of Vidya or knowledge. You’ll gain access to a deeper understanding of Climate Change as well as an embodied practice to help you hold that knowledge.

Dukha: The second week acknowledges that we cannot help but feel sorrow and grief as we sit with the knowledge of climate change and the implications. You’ll be supported in recognizing your grief and moving it through your body, mind and spirit.

Sangha: The third week looks at our community, both local and global, with a special focus on how climate change is playing out in a disproportionate way around the world. The yoga sequence and meditation are affirmative for expanding our understanding of our community.

Kriya: The fourth week delves into Action! Here we focus on specific steps we can take as individuals as well as a collective. The yoga sequence and meditation will fire you up for action.

Sadhana: The fifth and final week allow us to move into being Climate Awake as part of our daily practice. Here we understand that the changes we need to make are similar to making yoga a part of your life. The practice and meditation will inspire you to stay Climate Awake and support others in taking action as well.

To sign up for the challenge - visit this link

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