::: Giving : the alchemy of love made visible :::

Giving : the alchemy of love made visible

“By giving from the heart, we elevate our soul and fulfill our destiny”                 ~ Yogi Bhajan

We have arrived to the magical process and place of transformation of self, to the alchemy of love made visible through giving. Every single one of us has an amazing, unfathomable ability to give in countless ways that will only reveal themselves by meeting life head-on and heart-on. And in beauty: we need each other, both to discover our capacity to give and to witness and receive the light we carry.

The wheel is turning and the energy is shifting, from the golden warmth and abundance of autumn to the slowing and contemplative energy of winter. In sync with Nature, we find our ability to be in communion with others deepened and the gold of giving is the light. For many traditions, this time is calling us to a celebration of the presence of spirit and the power of faith and hope that our dreams of unity and harmony will manifest. This time beckons us, in so many ways, to give.

In giving, we empty, allowing the soil of our being to renew, to replenish and to receive anew. In giving, we become the light.

Inspired by all the wisdom ways I have been gifted with so far, I invite you to join me. Using the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, the deep knowledge of my maha teacher, Yogi Bhajan, the insight of the poets and the mystics, we will continue the journey of the heart, the way of the true self ~ giving, becoming love made visible, all that is, all that ever was, all that ever will be.

Offered: Mondays 10:00 am & Thursdays 7:00 pm at Asheville Yoga Center & Fridays 8:45 am at West Asheville Yoga Center.

Week 1: 11/28, 12/1, 2          Strength to glow in all directions        

Week 2: 12/5, 8, 9               A container from which to give

Week 3: 12/12, 15, 16           Balance & the sanctity of experience

Week 4: 12/19, 22, 23          Saying yes          

Week 5: 12/26, 29, 30         Hearing the cries of the world

Week 6: 1/2, 5, 6                 Stepping Up                 

Week 7: 1/9, 12, 13               Always Beginning

Week 8: 1/16, 19, 20            If just for a moment      

Week 9: 1/23, 26, 27           The courage to give      

Week 10: 1/30, 2/2, 3          Becoming like angels


Come or don’t come ~ no need to rsvp ~ there is always room for you, always space held with love. It is an honor & a privilege to share these teachings.

Always with so much love, Sierra